U-n-I Quilts, Quilts Made by You & I
Please email or phone before sending quilt so I know it is coming.

Theresa Morales, U-n-I Quilts
1250 Ohio Pike #213
Amelia, OH  45102

(The UPS Store will keep pkgs SAFE till I pick up.)


Include in your quilt box the Quilt Top, batting and backing if supplied,
address, phone, email (if available) and check and please include any
notes on design or theme ideas (ie: gender, curvy or linear or realistic
or abstract quilting, or even "do not" instructions...). Also note if you
would like your
initials and/or year quilted in somewhere.

And Return Ship is still FREE.

Thanx so much!
Cat Elements -
  White Persian
  Red American Curl
  Golden Munchkin
  Black Sphynx

about 30" square, kinda, & for
SALE! $200

2010 Quilt